College Scholarships. Every student-athlete's parent is hoping for something to ease the burden of college tuition. How do you get your student-athlete noticed when Athletic Directors at colleges and universities are receiving hundreds and hundreds of information packets on potential recruits?

Talent may not be enough. Use a professional web presence as a promotion tool to make a dramatic impression on decision-makers. An email to the college or university containing a brief introduction with a link to a high-impact web site using professional architecture in its layout, is a quick and convenient way to provide the relevant information in a format that is easily reviewed by the AD!

Getting the attention of the Athletic Director for any college or university is a challenge. MOC Web Design can provide a user-friendly web site that can highlight any student-athlete's accomplishments. Photos, media clippings, awards and video can all be displayed in a personalized web site that can make a significant impact and lasting impression on the school's athletic department.

Packages include:

  • Personalized web site and domain name
  • Student-athlete school and sports bio with photo
  • Media/clippings page to promote accomplishments/awards
  • A gallery of photos. (Video is optional.)
  • Contact page/Email reply form
  • Web site hosting and email

After all the time and expense involved with hard work, training, competing, and yes, the hours of chauffeuring, that lead to your athlete's success, an investment in a personalized web site seems to be the appropriate next step. An investment that very well could give your child the leg up that improves their chances of that sought-after scholarship, or admittance to the college or university that they have long desired.

Scholarship money is out there for those who know how to get their student-athlete noticed.


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