A unique web address to provide a high impact presentation to prospective buyers!
  • Services include:
  • web site development 
  • unique web address (url) 
  • six months free web hosting
  • email account
  • pdf tri-fold brochure for download
  • full text info on home with directions
  • photos
  • optional video tour
  • email contact form


In today's housing market, many homeowners look to be more hands on in the sales process to increase their own bottom line, and avoid paying exorbitant amounts to realtors. Unfortunately, "For Sale" signs on the front lawn and classified ads with limited information are the homeowners main source for leads.

There are web sites available to sellers that will list your home for sale. Unfortunately, there are also hundreds of other homes for sale that are in and around your area that are also listed on the same site. One click and the potential home buyer has moved onto another property. Placing that web site address in your classified ad is great . . . for the owners of the web site. It's free advertising for them and not very successful for you.

What if the web site address that you listed in your classified ad, or placed on your "For Sale" sign was yours, and yours alone? No other listings appearing on the same web page. Only information, photos and even video of your home or property on your web site! Now that works!

MOC WEB DESIGN provides a cost-effective service, called the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Program to increase your homes exposure and impact for prospective home buyers.

Will your add attract the most buyer interest?

The professionals at MOC WEB DESIGN can show you how to use the Internet as a viable resource for selling your home. How about a classified ad that contains a unique web address for your property that will lead prospective buyers to a high impact web site with all the information on your home, with photos and maybe even a video tour, instead of an ad crammed with meaningless abbreviations?

The service includes a professionally developed web site with a unique web address (i.e., www.123sycamoreave.com), six months of free web hosting, email, text information along with photos, a video tour (option) a downloadable tri-fold brochure with info, photos and directions. The brochure can even be printed by the homeowner and distributed at Open House events!


MOC WEB DESIGN . . . providing professional services for homeowners
looking to manage expenditures during the sale of their home or property.


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