MOC WEB DESIGN was established by Internet professionals who have been involved with web design and development from the time that the web had become a viable business tool. Since that time there have been many changes in technologies, languages, implementation and user needs, but the one thing that has remained a constant is the resounding commitment to providing the highest quality with the best service at the greatest value.

The professionals at MOC WEB DESIGN have shown many companies how the Internet is a viable resource for all industries. When implemented professionally and with very high quality, a company's web site is an indispensable tool for growth. MOC WEB DESIGN offers a creative approach to web development, combining an understanding of the needs of our clients and their core business with a comprehensive understanding and effective implementation of the latest Internet technologies. With experience serving clients in industries ranging from manufacturers/distributors to personal and professional services to entertainment and retail, MOC WEB DESIGN is able to offer its clients fresh, innovative applications and perspectives in web site development, which leads to the most comprehensive solutions to communication and business generation goals

An effective web site is one that provides pertinent content and timely information in a format that is interesting, interactive and dynamic. There are several steps in the process to developing a site that is effective. A representative will first visit with your company to learn about your products and services, clients, current operations and your usiness objectives. From the information provided, MOC WEB DESIGN develops the blue print or architecture for the layout of the site incorporating functionality that will enable your site to act as a resource for your clients and as a hub for corporate communications. The right information presented with the right strategy will result in achieving your corporate objectives.

Like your business, which changes, grows and adapts to new technologies, so must your web site. MOC WEB DESIGN can assist in keeping you informed of new technologies and trends in your industry as part of an on-going business relationship.

MOC WEB DESIGN . . . providing ongoing support and guidance for
your Internet presence, today, tomorrow, next year and beyond…


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